21 September 2012

what i'm thinking about this morning

- I could have sworn - SWORN - that there is a scene in JLA/ Avengers where Wonder Woman is able to lift Thor's hammer.  I have dug through the book in the last few weeks but cannot find it.  There is a chance that I am in a running argument with a 10-year old about whether WW can lift Thor's hammer.  Did I imagine this?  Did it maybe happen in the DC vs. Marvel series from the 90's?  Anyone?

- I tallied it up recently, and it seems I am currently following 58 ongoing series from different publishers.  This strikes me as a lot.  That doesn't include limited series, one-shots, OGNs, etc. - is there some kind of support group for this stuff?  It's getting to where I'm almost thankful for the "Secret"s of the world that never come out on time.

- I've been experimenting a little with getting the DC "Combo Pack" editions where you pay a little more but get a "free" digital download.  I've been doing this en masse for Marvel books because I can get the print versions at a discount and thus avoid Marvel's crazy digital pricing.  Has anyone tried this for DC, though?  Holy cannoli!  The code is like, I dunno, 953 characters long.  And the web page you go to to redeem them is super clunky.  Can't they replicate Marvel's oh-so-advanced "sticker" technology?

- Didja see that screencap from Mark Waid's iPad where they showed all his digital comics and there was a whole bit about which comics he was purchasing?  Uh... that was Comic Zeal, guys.... those weren't *purchases*....

- Marvel is going to publish a Rocket Raccoon Ultimate Collection.  This may be a sign of the end times.  I have always had a soft spot for ol' Rocket ever since he teamed up with the Hulk in Incredible Hulk #271 - "Hulk has to share 20th anniversary issue with talking animal?" Will there be a CGI Rocket in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

- Was it 2008 when DC published the "Decisions" series where all of their characters were going to reveal their political affiliations and we could finally find out what Booster Gold thinks about progressive income tax structures?  And then it turned into a tie-in to some Teen Titans comics about Jericho turning evil (again) or something?  Those were good times.  Whenever someone is bitching about the New 52, remind them of Decisions.  As an aside, do you think anyone's political affiliations were changed in the New 52?  Alternative explanation for the Tim Drake name-change, anyone?  Also: are Frankenstein and the Creature Commandos allowed to vote?

- Why is Poison Ivy always portrayed as being a vegetarian or vegan?  Wouldn't it be the exact opposite?  She'd think a salad was murder but would have no problem eating a steak, right?  I worry about these things.

- Is it too early for a steak?


collectededitions said...

Toward the end of JLA/Avengers, *Superman* picks up Thor's hammer; maybe that's what you're remembering. Don't know about whether it's in DC vs. Marvel.

A couple of message board posters on Bleeding Cool picked up on Waid using Comic Zeal, too, and I find it interesting there hasn't been any follow up.

Yes, Decisions. Written by Bill Willingham and Judd Winick; tied into Winick's Titans. At the time I was hoping this would be collected since I was reading Titans; now, of course, the moment has passed.

matches said...

Yea I found the Superman scene - it was explained away as being a temporary thing, and then at the end of the story he was unable to lift it. I have a recollection of WW being "worthy", though, in the same way that Thor is. Maybe it's in the 90's series - I disposed of those a long time ago and cannot check. Thanks though.

Tom Bondurant said...

Wikipedia sez it was in Marvel Vs. DC #4 (1996): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mjolnir_(Marvel_Comics)

matches said...

Yes! Thank you Tom! I knew this happened somewhere!

Although I'm now kind of sad that Marvel vs. DC is still in my subconscious.... :)

collectededitions said...

>> Although I'm now kind of sad that Marvel vs. DC is still in my subconscious.... :)

You're not the only one. Wolverine beat Lobo completely off panel in a bar fight, right, and then we just see Wolverine get up from under the bar in the end?

The things we remember.

matches said...

Yup. That's the one. They had fans vote on the outcomes of the big fights, so Wolverine won even though he's about 1/1000th as powerful as Lobo.