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I am a lifelong comic reader, having started around the time I learned to read.  I grew up on DC and Marvel superheroes (and G.I. Joe when that was big).  Adam West, Burt Ward, Lou Ferrigno and the Super Friends brought me into the hobby.  (Also: Julie Newmar aka My First Love).  As a teenager and young adult I drifted away from the Marvel characters and read mostly DC superhero books.  (90's Marvel - ugh.)  Marvel got me back with Marvel Knights, the Ultimate books, and some of its more "experimental" offerings in the early 00's.  Also in the late 90's/ early 00's, my tastes began to broaden somewhat, leading me to the Vertigo/ independent scene.

Around 2002/ 2003 I began shifting my purchases more toward trade paperback and hardcover collections rather than single issues.  After a few fits and starts, by 2006 I'd completely phased single issues out, and since then I've been almost exclusively a collected editions reader.

I enjoy both the DC and Marvel superhero lines - my interest in each tends to wax and wane as quality ebbs and flows.  I read quite a few Vertigo books, along with what I consider to be a decent sampling of books from many other publishers, including Image, IDW, Dynamite, Oni, and more.  Though I mostly follow creators rather than characters, I am a Batman-aholic and know way more useless information about Batman than anyone really should.  Despite having a decent head for trivia, I tend not to care much about shared universe continuity, and actually my feeling is that DC's and Marvel's focus on intricate, inter-title continuity has negatively affected their respective outputs for quite some time.  I do, however, love discussions of ACTUAL comic history.

I've been around the interwebs since the mid-90's.  I'm a vet of Usenet from back in the day, and have spent time at Comicbloc, Millarworld, CBR, Newsarama, The Dixonverse, Imwan, and even the DCMB's.  I've been "matches" or "matches malone" or some iteration thereof on most of those sites.  

I started this blog near the end of 2007 (actually, on Christmas Eve) with the idea of having a site devoted to trade paperback reviews.  The few sites I knew of at the time that had a similar focus seemed to be almost exclusively devoted to DC superhero books, or to Marvel superhero books - and while that's a perfectly valid choice, I wanted to offer a more mixed, and hopefully wider, perspective.  The style of my reviews has evolved some over time but the basic idea has remained the same.  I review almost everything I read, but I do not buy books just so I can review them.  Though I certainly am not above sarcasm or snark, on balance my reviews tend to be more positive than negative, because I don't buy things that I don't think I will enjoy.  I do try to keep in mind that this is a hobby and as such is supposed to be fun.  Sometimes "fun" might be something silly or frivolous, sometimes it might be more serious, but hopefully you'll never come away from this blog thinking the author hates comics.  Rest assured that's not the case.

Other than comics, my interests include baseball (Braves), college basketball (Duke), good TV (HBO, AMC), and novels.  I'm an attorney by day and have two daughters (whose commentary occasionally shows up on the blog).  I can perform a five-star concert on the Hannah Montana wii game, but am otherwise secure in my masculinity.

Thanks for reading - I hope you find the blog informative and entertaining.  Comments are always welcome - I read them all even if I don't respond.  Email or feedback is also welcome, and can be directed to  I can also be found on Twitter as allstarmatches.

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